Army Building And Assembly


If a project is booked where we will have to assemble the miniatures or clean excessive flash for models that are shipped pre-assembled a charge will be added on to the project. The amount charged for assembly varies as some models/kits are faster to assemble than others.

Conversion Work:

We offer basic conversion options during assembly (utilizing various components from various miniatures kits and aftermarket companies) however any 'major' conversion work is not our area of expertise. IE: "I want my Space Marine converted to look like Master Chief from Halo!" or "Can you sculpt a character in my likeness?" These types of conversions are beyond our capabilities, should you commission us to paint something that is already converted we will be happy to do so.

Battle Damage:

We can, to a degree, add some various types of 'battle damage' to your miniatures (typicaly tanks and things of that nature) during the assembly process if desired.


We are capabable of magnetizing various miniature kits upon request however an additional cost will be applied to the project for the labor and material costs. It is worth noting however that some plastic kits require so much work to magnetize that in some cases it is cheaper to simply have us paint two versions of the same base kit rather than paying us to magnetize one. (IE: Necron Doomsday Arks and Ghost Arks, these take so much effort to magnetize properly that is would be cheaper to book a project for one of each rather than one single magnetized model).


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